Ball-Park Reptile Habitats

Stained hardwood reptile habitats for any room in the house. At 3' x 1.5', Ball-Parks are for snakes up to 4' or 5' in length.

Constructed of birch and maple, these habitats are designed to make it easier to maintain the proper environmental conditions for the captive.

Standard Features
Forced air circulation system to enable the owner to more easily control the humidity and temperatures in the habitat.
A hole for a heat lamp/ceramic heater is provided on one end and securely covered with screen.
Florescent lighting. Safety of the captive is ensured as all wires and connections are enclosed.

Heat lamp fixture with shield to force air around heat source for a forced air heating system.
An optional 2" heated platform is available that covers 1/3 of the floor of the habitat and is thermostatically controlled.

These units are for pick up only and are custom built when ordered. Please allow up to 30 days for the habitat to be ready for pickup. We are located at 4843 Remington Drive, Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Custom sizes are also available. Email for quotes and any questions you may have.