Thermostatically controlled heat pad

These are built to order for Ball-Park and Bull-Pen habitats and cover 1/3 the floor of the habitat and are elevated 2" to provide a "well" in the rest of the habitat for your choice of substrate. A Zoo Med ReptiTemp 500R thermostat controls the temperature. Surface temperature is to be set to no higher than 92 degrees Fahrenheit and is best checked with an infrared temperature gun. The surface is textured ceramic and provides even heat transfer from the heating element. All wires are sealed and routed to ensure the captives cannot come in contact with them. The unit can be customized to accommodate a proportional thermostat like Spyder Robotics Herpstat for proportional heat control and using the ReptiTemp as a "fail safe".

Custom sizes are also available. Email for quotes and any questions you may have.